Harmony Hills Australian Labradoodles

Welcome to Harmony Hills Australian Labradoodles.  Mike, and I (Tori) have always had animals in our lives...and a special love of dogs.  When Mike's four hunting dogs grew old and started crossing the Rainbow Bridge we began researching our next breed.  We discovered the Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle. After having a labradoodle we will never go back! 

Not only are they absolutely adorable, but we were impressed in our research with the amount of genetic health testing breeders do and how they are responsibly bred. They are not simply two breeds of dogs crossed together, instead they are an infusion of five different breeds bred over a period of time to create the Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles. With amazing temperaments, health guarantees, and of course, how cute they are and they don't shed! It was an easy decision to make. 

We knew we wanted to be able to share this wonderful breed with others and set out to breed the best of the best;  temperament and soundness being our top priorities.  Our focus is on producing top quality breeding stock, service dogs, therapy dogs and companion Australian Labradoodles.  When choosing our breedings, our focus is on health, soundness, structure, genetics and the awesome temperament these doodles are known for. We offer Miniatures and Medium sizes.

Our labradoodles live with us in our home – they are part of our family. They sleep with us at night and follow our every move all day.  They are adored by, and adore, our grandchildren.  I am a stay at home "dog mom" so they have constant human interaction.  They are loving, sweet, funny, well-behaved, and love to please us! Our puppies are birthed in our home and socialized with our family and friends. All of our Labradoodle puppies receive early socialization, beginning house training and basic obedience training.

***The following description of the breed is taken off of the offical Australian Labradoodle Club of the US website. 

"The Australian Labradoodle is different from all other labradoodles.  In the early days, the Australian Labradoodle was simply a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle.  Dogs from this cross typically were bred to each other over future generations, whereby the Australian dogs are also know as "Multi-generational" Labradoodles.  

Then, in the late 1980's, Tegan Park and Rutland Manor, the two founders of the Australian Labradoodle as we know it today, began carefully infusing several other breeds into early generations of their Lab/Poodle crosses, to improve temperament, coat, conformation, and size.  The infused breeds include Irish Water Spaniel as well as the American and English Cocker Spaniel.  The resulting labradoodles subsequently have been bred to each other, continuing the multi-generational tradition.

Today, Australian Labradoodles are wonderful, intelligent dogs with lush coats that are more reliably low to non-shedding and allergy friendly than other types of Labradoodles such as first generation Lab/Poodle crosses, or first generation crosses bred back to Poodles.  Even when the other types of Labradoodles are bred on for generations, the result is not an Australian Labradoodle, as the attributes of the infused breeds were not included in their ancestry"***