Harmony Hills Australian Labradoodles

Harmony Hills Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to hold back puppies from each of our litters for our breeding program or to sell to other breeders.

Rosie and Oly honeymooned in April with puppies going home in mid-August.  Mini's in the 20-24 pound range in chocolate, cream and black in solid and parti colors.

Rosie and Oly Welcomed their puppies on June 12th.  We will post pictures shortly.  You can see updates on our Facebook page as well.

All puppies already have their forever homes waiting for them!


Fill out an application now to add one of these babies to your family!

Sophie had her litter of puppies on Father's Day, 6/17/18.

13 beautiful, healthy babies.  5 females and 8 males.  Colors in shades of cream and caramel in solid and parti.  These pups will be in the 24-32 pound range.

Puppy go home date is August 12th.