Harmony Hills Australian Labradoodles

Sweet Sophie had nine beautiful puppies on November 28.  They are now five weeks old and have begun transitioning to mush and then dry food.  They have also moved from the whelping room up into our living room.  They'll make friends with the other dogs, experience the vacuum cleaner, rug shampooer, television and all the mayhem of a house with lots of dogs.   They'll also get picked up and cuddle.  

All these, and visitors, will help them develop into happy dogs, unfazed by modern life.

Harmony Hills Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to hold back puppies from each of our litters for our breeding program or to sell to other breeders.

Sophie had her pups theNovember 28!!

Sire is Roly Poly Oly.

Pups are available!!